Systems Change Learning for Organisations

We can meet your systems change capacity needs by tailoring our learning journeys to your people’s needs, and partnering to support strategy design, learning and evaluation.

Becoming a system change organisation

We understand that learning for your organisation is a powerful investment, and should suit your specific needs. When engaging in a learning partnership, we will hear your ambitions and co-design the right approach with you: a tailored course, systems change coaching, or a combination of the two.

Tailored courses

When creating tailored courses, we work closely with our partners to craft bespoke content, building on the collective experience of our facilitators and contributors to bring our multi-method approach to life in a way that’s right for your organisation.  In joining us to co-design a learning journey for your team or organisation, you can expect a focus on interactive and applied learning that grows a practical understanding of systems change.

Take a look at our course pages for a sense of our curriculum, the breadth of our content and some of the different practices we can help you to grow. 

Previously, we have designed tailored courses for WWF US, NHS Southwest Leadership Academy, amongst others.

Learning & Practice Partnerships

If you want to embed systemic thinking and acting into your ways of working, our approach to learning and practice partnering may be for right you. 

As a learning and practice partner, we will bring you much more than just new tools and methodologies to support your work. We help you navigate your most complex challenges and questions. We practice accompaniment - meaning we’re here to walk alongside and support you as you practice, learn and find your way forward. Whatever we do together, you know your context best. Your teams are the people who will carry out the work, so we build learning that can go beyond our engagement. We will help grow your collective ability, and support you to ingrain systemic practice in your ways of working.

While working with you, we will not push for certainty where it oversimplifies complexity, or create linear plans that attempt to manage change rather than enable it to flourish.  At the School, we take an emergent approach that is grounded in working at multiple scales to co-inquire, experiment and adapt our process as we go, making sure we continue to act with shared clarity and purpose. 

We believe that meaningful and sustained change requires cultures and structures of collective learning in both the micro and macro ways organisations embody and enact change. As a learning and practice partner, the School will help you navigate multiple tools and frameworks from wider fields so you can design and deliver strategies to help you achieve your ambitions.

Recently we have been working with Small Foundation, Bosch Foundation and the Oak Foundation, among others.

Reach out for a chat with the team today - [email protected]

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