Health System Transformation

Through our partnership with the J&J Foundation, our work has been to grow the capacity of health practitioners, support the ecosystem development, and engage a community of health system leaders.

Our partnership with J&J in health system transformation

In 2021, we partnered with the Johnson & Johnson Foundation to pilot our first Basecamp for Health System Transformation course, so as to build capacity within the health system, and start to nurture change makerĀ  ecosystem. This pilot commenced a three year partnership from 2022-2024 to continue to grow capacity of health system practitioners, and whilst supporting the development of a wider ecosystem of health practitioners; providing resources, facilitation, stories and sharing lessons across the sector.

As part of this work, we:

  • deliver an intensive 6-month course for health systems leaders to build the systems change capacity of health innovators and their interconnected field each year
  • build and deepen facilitation skills among health innovators
  • engage a wider community of health systems leaders around the globe with systems storytelling resources
  • develop ongoing action learning to better support health system transformations

Here we are sharing resources, sense-making pieces from our programmes and showcasing our health system network.

We are #HealthSystemChangers

We are exploring ways of sharing and learning in the field of systems change, and storytelling in our monitoring and evaluation process and continuing to embody our foundation of #learningischange. Read our sense-making piece from connecting back in with 18 alumni from the Basecamp for Health System Transformation programme exploring inner work to outerchange, and the ripple effects of system change learning.

Map of our health network

Here we highlight contributors, facilitators and alumni within the Health System Transformation network.

Health resources

Take a look at the health resources from the field of systems change below.

aerial view river class school system change teacher

Learn to diagnose complex systems with Basecamp

Learn to embrace the toughest challenges of our times: build the foundations of your systems practice with Basecamp.

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