Who we are at the School

Our mission

In a world on the brink of collapse, changing so fast and yet in many ways not fast enough, we need broad and deep systems change. The School of System Change exists to nurture the work of leaders and changemakers who are embracing complexity and bringing about hopeful futures.

We create pathways from overwhelm to agency.

Our uniqueness

The School of System Change is unique in our multi-method approach to learning, recognising there is no one way to create change but a wealth of tools and frameworks to choose from. 

Discernment is a key capacity for our times.

Our inspiring contributors and talented facilitators from across the field of systems change share a passion for supporting people to navigate different ways of thinking, acting and being as we develop our collective capacity for transformation. Together, we contribute to evolving the field and practices of systems change.

Our people

Since 2016, the School of System Change has supported 500+ leaders and changemakers from the worlds of business, not-for-profit, social enterprise, government, funding, movement organising, consultancy and the arts to integrate systems change into their work. We engage with people working within their contexts - as professionals in organisations, networks, sectors and movements. 

Ongoing work to shift paradigms needs sustained cultures and structures of collective learning in context.

From the outset, we have partnered with organisations, networks, funders and practitioners to develop the School and broaden our impact. We have a small and committed enabling team of people who all play multiple roles, walking the talk of more systemic ways of organising!

Our team is based in the UK, France, Germany, the US, and occasionally New Zealand:

Anna Birney

CEO (Chief Enabling/Evolving Officer) at the School of System Change
Enabling Team, Facilitator

Anna is passionate about designing and facilitating systems change programmes that supp...

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Raphaël Lachiver

Producer at the School of System Change
Enabling Team

Raphaël is an enthusiastic learner passionate about sociology, regenerative design, sys...

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Saskia Rysenbry

Curator at the School of System Change
Enabling Team

Saskia is a designer, strategist, thinker and guide working toward just and equitable f...

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Clara Hesseler

Junior Producer at the School of System Change / Forum for the Future

In the last years, Clara (she/her) has been strongly involved in climate activism and g...

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Rowan Kinchin

Network Operations Director at the School of System Change
Enabling Team

Rowan is a trainer, facilitator, organiser; a systems, project and programme manager, a...

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Sarena Chan

Partnership and Programs Lead at the School of System Change
Enabling Team

Sarena leads on partnership and program development at the School of the System Change ...

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Sean Andrew

Learning and Practice Partner Lead at the School of System Change
Facilitator, Enabling Team

Sean is brought into his work through the potential of dialogue to unearth ways of bein...

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Mairi Lowe

Communications Coordinator and Producer at the School of System Change; Creative Director at Sustainable Fashion Scotland
Enabling Team

Mairi (she/they) is a Scottish Content Marketer, Systems Practitioner, and MSc Social I...

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Katie Slee

Knowledge Manager at the School of System Change
Enabling Team

Katie is a multi-disciplinary designer, whose practice spans visual, service, UX and co...

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