Katie Slee

Knowledge Manager at the School of System Change

  • Enabling Team


Katie is a multi-disciplinary designer, whose practice spans visual, service, UX and content design.

Originally trained as an art historian, she joined the School of System Change after a decade of running creative and strategic projects for purpose-led clients. Highlights include co-founding Settle, a social enterprise that supports homeless young people as they move into their first home; visualising the Relationships Heatmap, a litmus test for relational practice at the Relationships Project; and rebranding Huddlecraft, an ecosystem of support for peer-led learning, organising and action.

Katie is excited about putting beautiful, thoughtful design at the centre of projects for social and systemic change. She is convinced that, as an index of thought and love, design has the power to change the way people feel and behave in the world.

At the School of System Change

Katie leads our knowledge management strategy: focussing on how we codify and share knowledge at the School through our learning commons. Her role is to support the enabling team and wider School network by platforming system change stories, tools and resources in a way that is inclusive, intuitive and accessible. As well as evolving the School’s information architecture, Katie supports asset creation, brand and platform management.