Luzette Jaimes

Ecosystems Weaver at CoCreative; Ashoka; CoCo Labs; Weaving Lab

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Luzette works in systems change through fostering innovation as well as designing and facilitating transformational learning processes in the areas of human development, wellbeing, and awareness-based leadership development for changemakers. For two decades, Luzette has focused on social entrepreneurship through different roles at Ashoka, including launching and directing Ashoka’s Learning & Development. Luzette works with CoCreative - a consulting firm that designs and facilitates cross-sectorial, cross-organizational innovation networks to solve complex problems, from community revitalization to supply chain sustainability to education. Luzette is the founder of Alive & Thriving - a human development incubator for individuals and groups, co-founder of Consciousness Coalition (CoCo Labs*) - an ecosystem catalyst for cultural evolution and equitable wellbeing, and co-founder of the Weaving Lab - a network focused on creating learning ecosystems for wellbeing for all.

Luzette holds a BA in Finance & Intl Rel, an MSc in Holistic Science (whole and complex systems). Professional Certified Integral Coach PCC, Theory U facilitator, Wellbeing Coach, and mindfulness practitioner.

At the School of System Change

Collaborative innovation for societal transformation. Creating networks with a shared purpose to create emergent futures together.

"If we want to have a world where everyone is well and thriving, we must do the inner work needed to transform and heal the mental models and trauma, individually and collectively, that impede us to create systems that are equitable, just, diverse, and inclusive."
Luzette Jaimes

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