Mairi Lowe

Communications Coordinator and Producer at the School of System Change; Creative Director at Sustainable Fashion Scotland

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Mairi (she/they) is a Scottish Content Marketer, Systems Practitioner, and MSc Social Innovation graduate based in Edinburgh. Focusing on sustainable fashion in Scotland, her research involves navigating complex challenges through a systems change perspective. Mairi is particularly interested in network weaving and the unstoppable power of community and relationships. She tries to weave hope, joy, kindness, and equity into everything she does.

Mairi is a Founding Member and Creative Director at Sustainable Fashion Scotland, a community-led nonprofit exploring through practice how communities can take collective action to create place-based sustainable transformations. Through their MSc Social Innovation research project, Mairi developed 5 guiding principles for Sustainable Fashion Scotland to help facilitate a sustainable fashion transformation.

In 2021, Mairi completed the School of System Change Basecamp programme. Here they share 5 key lessons nurtured through the learning journey, focusing on how the course shifted her mindset to help them embrace complexity and move through self-doubt and overwhelm, plus how she puts this mindset shift into practice through her Creative Director role at nonprofit Sustainable Fashion Scotland.

At the School of System Change

I support the School as Communications Consultant covering all things marketing and communications. Please get in touch if I can help at all; we are always looking to lift up the wider field of systems change through the School!

"We do not have all the answers at Sustainable Fashion Scotland (and that’s okay!) but we can continue to act with hope knowing that the answers and solutions exist within the synergistic relationships of our inspiring community. I know now it’s okay if I personally need to take a break, because the community is still moving, connecting, learning, acting, reflecting, changing; and our collective fire of resistance cannot be snuffed out as long as we connect holistically and collaborate intentionally."
Mairi Lowe