Saskia Rysenbry

Curator at the School of System Change

  • Enabling Team


Saskia is a designer, strategist, thinker and guide working toward just and equitable futures. She is transdisciplinary and trained in design, regenerative practice and systems thinking and has worked in industries as diverse as textiles, tech, non-profits and education for over a decade. She is deeply inspired by the lessons of nature and indigenous wisdom and weaves values of reciprocity, equity and interconnectedness in her work.

At the School of System Change

Saskia leads our global resource curation strategy at the School, collaborating with our contributors, facilitators and partners to produce learning materials and resources for our courses and the wider field. She holds the view on our learning ecosystem, including our platforms Circle, the website and our resource database, and open-source publications like our handbooks. She also leads on our comms and marketing.

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