Zoya Lukyanova

Network partner at School of System Change

  • Facilitator


Zoya Lukyanova has been working in the field of social innovations, civil society, and international cooperation for more than 15 years. She was a co-founder of commit gGmbH by MitOst e.V., Global Network Partner of BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in Eastern Europe, represented MitOst e.V. in Eastern Europe, and was responsible for building organisational capacities of civil society actors and developing cross-border collaborations and programmes in the fields of social innovation, civil society, global citizenship and social entrepreneurship. Her master thesis at Hertie School of Governance was on comparing ecosystems for social entrepreneurship in Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Currently, Zoya is a network partner at School of System Change for Eastern Europe and Central Asia and works as facilitator, advisor and consultant of several programs of GIZ GmbH, one of the biggest German service providers in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development and international education work. Among other things, Zoya works as an expert in several European programs with a focus on cooperation for innovation in education between organisations and institutions and is part of the UNESCO kulturweit facilitators pool.

At the School of System Change

Zoya joined the School team as a Network partner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia in 2018. Since then she combines her facilitation activities with the exciting and challenging mission of cultivating the field of systems change in the region. Zoya is passionate about systems diagnosis and future work. She especially enjoys designing and delivering meaningful learning experiences.

"I especially enjoy designing and facilitating learning experiences with the School where people let go of the idea of systems thinking as a magic wand, becoming sensitive to the circular nature of the world, able to see patterns and structures behind challenges we face. Together we become more aware of our own mindsets which actually shape the way we act as both humans and professionals — today and tomorrow."
Zoya Lukyanova

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