A 5-week introductory jump into systems change, offering a group of changemakers the opportunity to live design a course around three frameworks applicable to your challenges of the moment.

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Autumn 2024
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Why Delta?

Through the recent tumultuous times, there has been an awakening to the need for systems change. A holistic perspective allows us to understand the root causes and therefore embrace different dimensions of our current, complex challenges. Many more people are starting to get interested in what the field of systems change practice can offer.

Responding to this, we piloted a new course in collaboration with MitOst and Bosch Alumni Network, and are now ready to offer it more widely.

Delta is an initial exploration of this broad field, with an introduction to several frameworks that can support working with complexity. With interactive online sessions, group work and creative content, you will learn and reflect about key actions that might shape change for the better. This course is unique in that the content will be co-designed in the first session, allowing you to bring forward what makes sense for you right now!

"My main takeaways from the course: System change starts inside, processes bring flow, flow reduces resistance, tools are a means to better understand complexity. Complex is different to complicated!"

Delta Europe alum

What you’ll learn

Delta is an introduction to systems change over five weeks. The course starts by introducing key concepts and approaches behind systemic practices, before giving the cohort the opportunity to decide to focus on several of these practices during the remaining sessions. This leads to a set of three tools or frameworks from across the field, introduced and applied over three weeks. The final session is focused on pattern spotting, and personal reflection on how to integrate learning into everyday work.

The three frameworks will be proposed by the facilitation team from a large selection from across the field which includes futures, regenerative development, systems dynamics, transitions management, and more. Our multi-method approach brings this course to life.

A core component of the programme is the opportunity to join a peer learning group to apply learning to a live challenge during the sessions. Challenges are sourced among the cohort, with previous groups being formed around topics as diverse as supporting refugee children learn in new ways post-pandemic to countering the rise in motorised transport in Egyptian cities.

Learning Outcomes

Through this course, you will:

  • Acquire introductory knowledge and application of tools and frameworks from across the systems change field
  • Gain guidance from experienced systems coaches on using tools and frameworks on your complex challenge
  • Start to orientate yourself to what it means to integrate systemic ways of working and collaborating
  • Engage in a virtual learning environment of passionate, systems-minded changemakers

How we host

Our sessions emphasise interactive facilitated learning. Each session includes:

  • Exploration and discussion of systems change concepts including reflection and discussion in pairs, small groups, and with the full cohort
  • Framework learning and application time (i.e. dedicated time to try out the framework around a group challenge, ask questions to the facilitator and cohort, get into the nitty-gritty of how to apply in practice)
  • Case studies where the framework or tool was applied to help steer or progress the work
  • Cohort building time (e.g. small group discussion and reflection).

"The chance to choose 3 tools out of a range meant the content was really relevant."

Delta Europe alum

"Systems thinking is an attitude, not only a set of methods. The iceberg model really helped to go so many levels deeper and to understand the why - sharing this with my teammates was an ‘aha’ moment for all of us."

Delta Europe alum


The hosting team for Delta are also the course creators. Together, Zoya, Laura and Ruslan developed the course curriculum, content, and structure.

Zoya Lukyanova

Network partner at School of System Change

Zoya Lukyanova has been working in the field of social innovations, civil society, and ...

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Laura Winn

Facilitator at the School of System Change
Facilitator, Contributor

Laura is a systems change learning facilitator and regenerative practitioner. She suppo...

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Ruslan Kildeev

EdTech Producer & Digital Facilitator

Ruslan Kildeev is an EdTech producer, sustainability geek, visual thinker, and digital ...

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Is Delta for me?

Delta will work well for you if:

  • You have little to some exposure to systems change
  • You are keen to start exploring what systems change looks like in your field through a blend of theory, hands-on application and discussion
  • You are seeking an entry point to learn more about systems change over five weeks and possibly exploring longer learning engagements in the future

Who else will be on the course?

Mirroring system change principles in our cohort, we aim for a group of around twenty people, representing:

  • A wide diversity of worldviews, lived experience, and perspectives
  • A range of professional contexts - including business, non-profit, government, philanthropy, and other enablers of change
  • A variety of complex challenges in sustainability and social change

"The course definitely helped to put things that we might already do into words, to make it possible to talk about and also to make sure that our unconscious thoughts are actually rooted in real models and methods that can be very helpful. I would also love my colleagues to take part, so that we have more of a shared language."

Delta Europe alum

Equity & Diversity

We seek to create safe and brave spaces for participants from different backgrounds and lived experience to engage in learning together. We acknowledge the power and responsibility we hold in our role as a convenor and learning provider, placing multiple ways of knowing and awareness of difference as fundamental design principles in our programmes.

Read more about our commitment and journey around equity and difference here.

Accessibility needs

If you will need additional support for your wellbeing or access needs, then please let the team know as soon as possible, so we can factor this into our session design. You can let us know in the application form or email us at [email protected] - we are happy to arrange a call to discuss how we can support your learning. Our producer, Ruslan, will also be on hand throughout the course if you have any questions or concerns to raise.

Date and time

Delta includes 12 hours of instruction over 5 weeks, varying between 2-3 hours a session. In addition to five sessions, changemakers can access 1:1 coaching with an experienced systems facilitator to deepen their practice.

Course dates

All course sessions happen in 2024 and start at 09:00 ET / 14:00 GMT / 15:00 CET / 16:00 CAT:

  • Tue 5 November (3 hours)
  • Tue 12 November (2 hours)
  • Tue 19 November (2 hours)
  • Tue 26 November (2 hours)
  • Tue 3 December (3 hours)

Plus optional 1:1 coaching period scheduled according to your availability during and after the course ends.

You can join from anywhere in the world, so long as you can attend the dates and times listed above.

Check your time zone

Time commitment between sessions

Delta is designed for all learning to happen in the sessions themselves, with no homework! We will provide further readings for those interested, but there is no expectation other than being fully present at the scheduled session times.

"The amount of time we needed to dedicate to this course made it comfortably manageable within my usual working pattern."

Kora Korzec, Delta Europe alum

Head of Community Engagement and Communications, Crossref

A note about online sessions

To get the most out of this experience, we ask you to do everything you can to arrange your schedule so you can be fully present for all sessions. Please note that this is to support the learning experience of your fellow participants as well as your own. If it is impossible for you to join us for a part of or an entire session for any reason, please let the team know as soon as possible so that we can take this into account with our session design.

Info Sessions & FAQ

Information session times will be shared shortly. Express interest in Delta to receive an email once times are announced.

In the meantime, we recommend you register for a Delta Spring 2024 information session.

Express interest
What do you mean by systems change?

Please read Why Systems Change?

What do you mean by a range of different approaches?

Read more about our multi-method approach.

How much time do I need to commit?

Delta participants are expected to attend all the five sessions (once a week, 2 or 3 hours). No extra homework is mandatory. If you feel the need to go deeper, there will be further reading and resources provided. The facilitation team will be happy to stay in touch and answer your questions on the way.

How do I know this course is for me?

Delta is meant for those with some to little exposure to systems change; keen to start exploring what systems change looks like in their thematic area through a blend of theory, hands-on application and discussion; and seeking an entry point to learn more about systems change over 5 weeks and possibly exploring longer learning engagements in the future.

Course Fees

The School of System Change is continually working to improve the financial accessibility of our courses. It is our intention that those able to finance the higher tier fees contribute at the full rate, in order to support others to access the discounted rates.

Full Rate: €750 EUR
For people in countries with strong economies, larger organisations and well-paid professionals. Your registration will support others to participate. This rate reflects the true cost of the course.

Mid-Rate: €650 EUR
For people in countries with moderate economies, small organisations (fewer than 10 employees) and individuals.

Discounted Rate: €550 EUR
For people in need of financial assistance to support their learning. Only a few discounted rate slots are allocated to each cohort.

Add Ons (Optional): + €100 EUR per each coaching session
Systems coaching sessions (~50 min long per session)

VAT does not apply to the fees above.


Complete our application form by Thursday 17 October 2024 at 12:00 CEST. It usually takes about 20-25 minutes. You can save your progress as you go and have the option to keep a copy of your answers at the end.

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